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Protecting the Environment | Safeguarding the Rights of Property Owners

Land development in the southeast has exploded in recent years, leading to huge water allocation and other critical natural resource usage issues and threatening coastal marshland and other resource protection.

The population of Georgia, both in urban and rural areas, has ballooned in recent years. As a result, the ongoing pressure on the environment is something that affects us all — some more directly and dramatically than others.

We Understand the Needs of Our Clients

At our law firm, Stack & Associates, P.C., we represent individuals, neighborhood associations, nonprofit organizations, municipalities and small businesses in a wide range of environmental law matters, including compliance, regulatory, enforcement and property damage claims.

We appreciate the importance of economic growth and development to the well-being of local municipalities and the regional economy. However, we also understand the threats posed by unfettered development to the heritage of our states and their natural resources, and their citizens and their quality of life.

We focus on the following practice areas:

Our Mission

The mission of Stack & Associates, P.C., is to provide our clients with the best legal representation at an affordable cost, while working to preserve and enhance the natural environment, which we all share.

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