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Georgia's Coastal Protection Lawyers: Serving Municipalities and Businesses in the Southeast

Georgia's beautiful coastline is home to some of the oldest communities in the country. The region is a national treasure. Until recently, it could be fairly described as a hidden jewel, but not any longer. The Georgia coastline is being rapidly developed. These communities will only remain ecologically stable and attractive for tourism if the environment is protected and the laws are followed.

As experienced environmental lawyers, based out of Atlanta and Savannah, Georgia, we realize that up and down the coastline, individuals are building second homes, subdivisions are underway and massive commercial developments are in the works. The population of the region is rapidly increasing, and the actual contours of the coastline are being changed due to dredging, filling, and other impacts on the marshes, beaches and natural buffers.

Environmental Law Attorneys Protecting the Southeastern Coast

At Stack & Associates, P.C., we help property owners, citizens' groups, responsible developers and other entities in their efforts to combat the destruction of our region's coastal areas and comply with the many valuable environmental laws and regulations in place to protect this natural resource. We offer professional knowledge and advice regarding applicable laws and acceptable development practices that help protect our region's natural beauty.

Our attorneys offer representation to all clients in the southeast for issues involving:

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We offer decades of experience in environmental litigation and compliance, and we are committed to doing the right thing. Our mission is to guide our clients through the complexities of federal and state environmental regulations while taking great care to preserve and protect the environment, which we all share.

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