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Step forward in pollution case against King America Finishing

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2012 | Water Contamination |

In our past couple of blog posts we have discussed the environmental law case against King America Finishing. The Ogeechee Riverkeepers accuse the Georgia business of polluting the river with its drainage and they want justice to be done.

Within the river, thousands and thousands of fish have died, fish that are important to community members around the river. The water contamination lawsuit not only wants KAF to be held accountable, but they want cleanup and a new drainage process at the company in order to prevent further damage.

A recent decision in this case is encouraging for the plaintiffs and their legal representation. The Environmental Protection Division has at least temporarily taken away the company’s discharge permit. Environmental law attorney Don Stack says, “I’ve been doing this for 26 years and I think it’s only the second time I can think of where a state has withdrawn a permit after it’s been issued.”

Though this development seems like a small victory, KAF will likely continue to dump its wastewater into the river until stronger action is taken against them. Already the company has been required to put $1 million toward environmentally-friendly causes that has now been specifically designated to the following:

  • Paying to have a third party monitor the business’ discharge process for 18 months
  • Paying for improvements to City of Millen’s wastewater treatment facility
  • Paying for the development of a nature center devoted specifically to the Ogeechee River

This Georgia water pollution case is inching forward, positive step by positive step. The riverkeepers and their attorney remain vigilant about protecting the river and sending a message that profit is no justifiable excuse for pollution.

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