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Glass company cleans up act after EPA citation

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Many businesses use manufacturing processes that potentially expose the environment to pollutants. To some extent, this is simply the consequence of living in the modern world. Still, the health and safety of the community are important, which is why the Clean Air Act states that there are limits to how much and what types of chemicals can go into the environment. Often it is violations of this act, and enforcement by the EPA, that will prompt businesses to develop more careful policies to prevent chemical exposure.

This is what happened with a glass manufacturer that has operating locations in several states, including Georgia. The EPA issued two citations to the company after they made changes to their furnaces which caused an increase in NOX emissions. They were also charged with not obtaining the required pre-construction permits required by state and federal authorities. Potential consequences of these pollutants include smog, acid rain and respiratory illness.

Even as the company is making steps to improve their standards when it comes to practices that ensure a safe environment, they maintain that they were not in violation of the Clean Air Act in their business practices.

Chances are that this glass company in Georgia is not the only one who believes that they are complying with all environmental regulations and operating in a way that is safe for their employees as well as the communities where they are located. But continued investigations continue to be important as the EPA helps to see that there is proper protection for all concerned.

Community members and workers also play a big role in trying to improve business processes that are better for the earth. If they believe that a business is polluting the environment and potentially making not just the earth but the people on it sick, seeking the help of an environmental law attorney could be a step toward a necessary change.

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