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Chemical exposure hurts people and businesses’ bottom line

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2013 | Toxic Torts |

An out-of-state incident highlights another downside of chemical exposure. Of course, toxic chemicals in the air and water can lead to illness among those exposed to it, including people and animals. Since people drive an economy, it’s important to note that the health threat to people makes a difference to businesses as well.

Late in November, a train was derailed in New Jersey. This train accident was especially dangerous because of what the locomotive was carrying. Inside was a chemical called vinyl chloride. The EPA lists the following information about vinyl chloride:

  • The substance is used in the making of various things, ranging from construction materials to medical equipment, glass and more.
  • The EPA evaluates water’s levels of vinyl chloride since contamination has negative health effects.
  • A serious negative health effect of the presence of vinyl chloride in water is an increased risk of cancer.

There are multiple businesses where the train derailment took place. The chemical spill of the vinyl chloride has reportedly caused some “regulars” of the area to stop frequenting the location. The chemical exposure, therefore, has not only put people at risk of illness, but it has hurt businesses in an already difficult economy.

Hundreds of residents near the site of the chemical spill reportedly plan to sue the party responsible for the train incident and the risk it has posed to their health.

Our law firm helps victims of chemical exposure. We understand the danger that a toxic spill poses to victims nearby, such as an increased risk of cancer and even birth defects.

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