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Timbering project in Georgia raises resident’s concern

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2013 | Land Use & Zoning |

People want to feel like they live in a community where the beauty and not just the profitability of its resources are valued. The recent timbering of a sizable area in Bryan County, Georgia, leaves at least one resident complaining about the form and function of the land that he is left to look at after a timber company cleared the land.

The timbering cleared more than 5,000 acres of land. Currently, what’s left looks like acre after acre of dirt and timber residue. A resident is upset that the timbering left what he describes as an “eyesore.” He thinks that the company should have left a buffer in order to preserve the appearance of the community to those who are left to try to enjoy it.

Last week, Bryan County commissioners heard various environmental concerns from various parties. Among those was the Savannah resident who is disappointed in the timbering project that left an eyesore in his community.

He lives in the Strathy Hall Subdivision of Savannah, a community that was built with aesthetics and the beauty of nature kept in mind. But when he and other residents leave the subdivision, they see what remains of a recent timbering project. The sight isn’t pretty and leaves at least the one resident less satisfied with the area in which he lives. He wants county authorities to look at the recent timbering project and its effect on the community in order to come up with ways to prevent such an outcome in the future.

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