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Big appliance manufacturer is target of toxic torts

On Behalf of | May 17, 2013 | Toxic Torts |

Look around your home. Look at your washing machine. Look at your refrigerator. Look at your dishwasher. Do you have anything that is Whirlpool brand? It is a popular home brand, but that doesn’t mean that the company behind the appliances that so many Americans count on does everything right.

In fact, various parties are accusing Whirlpool Corp. of some extremely serious negligence behaviors. There are now two class-action lawsuits filed against the company in Ohio, lawsuits that involve plaintiffs suffering from cancer and other ailments.

At the heart of the toxic torts is the health of children. According to the lawsuits, improper dumping of hazardous materials around residential areas and a park is leading to a toxic environment for families. Not just adults but kids are getting sick. Tragically, among the plaintiffs in the most recently filed lawsuit, five of their children have died because of what the families claim are negligence practices on Whirlpool’s part.

The soil, water and air that people live on day to day can have a profound impact on the quality and length of life. Therefore, if something toxic is saturating the environment, the people who live off of it are likely to become sick and suffer. The plaintiffs in the class-action lawsuits have had enough of the destruction of their environment and the defendant’s alleged improper disposal of toxic material. Not only has the negligence caused illness and death, but it has also decreased the value of their land.

Representatives from Whirlpool insist that the company is devoted to the well-being of its community. In the end, its response to these lawsuits and whether the company alters its practices will reflect its true priorities. We will post an update when there is a development in this environmental lawsuit.

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