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Georgia workers working for clean air — from home

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In what work situation would you be most effective? Do you work best while in the office and surrounded by colleagues? Would you be able to be effective if your office was in your home and you had less of a commute? Companies across the nation, including many within Georgia, are tackling the various questions regarding telecommuting. Some high-profile businesses have recently shut down the option for their employers to work remotely.

Various Georgia businesses, however, continue to see telecommuting as a positive option in regards to workers’ production and professional satisfaction. But there is another noble reason for employers to try to make telecommuting work: the environment.

The Clean Air Campaign encourages and guides Georgia employers to make telework programs successful for their businesses. Allowing workers more flexibility in their work options isn’t only a way to boost morale within a team, but productivity can increase, money in office expenses and energy can be saved.

From an environmental standpoint, telework keeps more people off of the roads and less pollution from contaminating the air. The more businesses that offer the flexible work option and the more workers who decide to try it would mean clean air for all to enjoy in the state.

The EPA isn’t going to require that all employers let their workers work from the comforts of their homes. Still, the point that telecommuting is becoming accepted within even some of the most profitable businesses in the country is worth sharing. Business success doesn’t have to come at the cost of the environment.

What does your employer do to try to improve the environment? What’s the attitude regarding telecommuting in your workplace?

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