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Happy ending for Disney in environmental lawsuit

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2013 | Environmental Law |

Not everything is fairies, princesses and singing creatures in the magical world of Walt Disney Co. With Disney being such a big company, it isn’t surprising that it has faced its share of lawsuits in its time. Among those legal hurdles have been environmental disputes.

Though lawsuits have come and will come again, one is now gone at least. A judge recently dismissed a lawsuit that accused the Disney company in California of toxic dumping. The judge in the toxic lawsuit made a strong statement in her dismissal by also requiring the plaintiffs to pay Disney’s legal fees.

The recent lawsuit against Disney was filed by realty and environmental groups in the business’ area. According to the plaintiffs, the groundwater in the area was polluted due to the improper disposal of toxic substances from Disney. The judge wasn’t convinced.

Apparently, any evidence that the plaintiffs might have believed they had wasn’t sufficient to move the judge to see the case in their favor. She dismissed the lawsuit and emphasized how other similar cases like it from the past should have prevented the environmental case from moving forward this time around. Several cases alleging that Disney engaged in the dumping of toxic chemicals have failed in the past.

The plaintiffs claimed that toxic dumping led to the pollution of groundwater in the community around where Disney operates. Pollution like that can lead to health issues such as cancer as well as an overall damaged property value. Disney refutes any claims that it is responsible for such wrongdoing or damage.

Taking on a “big guy” like Disney can be scary. Doing so, however, can be a brave step in the fight to combat environmental damage and the impact it can have on people’s lives. An environmental lawyer can help in cases involving allegations of toxic exposure, improper waste disposal and more.


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