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Riverkeepers want EPA to set strict rules about coal ash

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2013 | Water Contamination |

The Savannah River is very important to Georgia and to South Carolina. Animal life and plant life depend on the quality of the river water. Combatting river pollution, therefore, should be a priority among the public and businesses that surround the Savannah River.

A non-profit group called the Savannah Riverkeeper is trying to get the word out that coal ash is threatening the quality of the river. It’s calling for more people to understand how coal ash can harm the environment in Georgia and get involved with fighting for change.

Rivers can be important to business, but too often those businesses that benefit from the river tend to do things to hurt it. The Savannah Riverkeeper argues that various industrial companies are pollution the river with their waste disposal processes. They are putting coal ash into the water, an addition that is filled with various toxins that can threaten life that is supposed to thrive by the river.

The Riverkeeper reports that the Georgia facilities believed to be dumping coal ash into the water have no regulations guiding them to not do so. Without limits regarding coal ash and wast disposal it is just too easy for businesses to engage in processes that are harmful to the environment. Therefore, water quality advocates are looking forward to the Environmental Protection Agency setting specific Coal Plant Water Pollution standards later this year.

When standards are in place, businesses must be held accountable if they fail to live up to the rules set before them. An environmental lawyer can help ensure that the EPA’s standards are not being ignored.

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