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Power plant in Georgia is top pollution offender

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2013 | Toxic Torts |

In our past environmental law post, we discussed the matter of how the coal power industry creates pollution in the U.S. The pollution topic is of great relevance in Georgia, with our own state being a specific offender of air contamination caused by power plants.

Researchers from Environment Georgia announce news that residents in the state should take as a land and health warning. The group reports, “We released a report today that looked at the dirtiest power plants in the country, and we found that not only is Georgia the number 8th largest carbon polluter in the country, but we’re also home to the number one single largest source of carbon pollution in the country…”

The danger of that specific Georgia plant isn’t going unnoticed or inexperienced by local residents.

According to 41 NBC News, more than 100 community members have joined together to sue the specific plant in a toxic tort case. Pollution isn’t just a word that environmentalists throw around. It is an actual, measurable problem that impacts the land, air, water and the people who live on those resources. The plaintiffs in the Georgia environmental lawsuit argue that the pollution caused by the power plant has compromised their health.

The Georgia plant at the center of the toxic lawsuit claims that it is abiding by the current regulations. It is up to the courts to determine whether that’s the truth. As the previous post notes, new, stricter regulations for the country’s power plants are likely right around the corner. If plants are failing to or having a difficult time operating under current environmental laws, they are going to be in for some harsh realities soon.

Source: 41 NBC News, “Georgia Power’s Plant Scherer Ranked as Largest Source of Carbon Pollutants, Second Wave of Lawsuits Filed,” Taylor Terrell, Sep. 19, 2013


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