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Could 2014 be beginning of cleaner U.S. waters?

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2013 | Water Contamination |

The fact that the well-being of the environment and politics so often are part of the same conversations might be frustrating for some. But it is true. Environmental laws often depend on the powers that be in Georgia, our nation and beyond.

Clean water legislation advocate Chris Espinosa suggests that the Obama administration is in a position to fix what past and even current laws have done to threaten the waterways. He argues that the Clean Water Act isn’t enough and that new environmental laws are needed to ensure cleaner water.

Critics of the U.S. protections for waters worry that the Clean Water Act needs to be reevaluated. Earlier in 2013, the EPA announced an effort to do that, called the Waters of the U.S. rule. Basically, the rule would work to ensure more protection for all waterways in the U.S.

Water sustains life. It is no surprise, therefore, that the majority of Americans worry about the quality of water that they consume. Polls suggest that almost 80 percent of Americans worry about their drinking water. 

Worry is one thing; action is another. Various parties can and must take action to protect U.S. waters. Lawmakers must take action. Businesses must take action. An average resident who believes his water could and should be improved must take action. Sometimes, it takes the support and guidance of a water pollution lawyer to make for the proper course of action.

When there are developments in U.S. water pollution regulations, we will be sure to post an update.

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