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Is Ogeechee River facing a new threat of pollution?

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2013 | Water Contamination |

In the past, we have included various posts about the fight to protect the Ogeechee River in Georgia. Past issues have involved the King America Finishing factory, but it sounds as though a new threat to Ogeechee is the target of a different environmental dispute.

Savannah Morning News reports that a Savannah resident is trying to at least delay if not stop the addition of a sewage plant in his community. He not only argues that the sewage plant would pose the threat of polluting the Ogeechee’s river water and surrounding wetlands, but he argues that there are simple solutions to this dispute.

Sources report that other already running plants have offered to treat Guyton’s sewage. The other plants supposedly have capacity to treat the sewage, and if Guyton would go with those offers, the Ogeechee and its valued recreational and biological offerings wouldn’t need to be impacted.

Officials for Guyton and the sewage plants placement on the Ogeechee support their plans by assuring that there will be no flooding or spills that would contaminate the area. They claim to have plans in place that would work to prevent such environmentally damaging accidents.

Will the petition to stop the sewage plant plans work and allow the intended prevention of river pollution? When there are developments in this Georgia matter we will post an update. For now, it is clear that this is another example of a local resident fighting to protect what he sees as highly important: Georgia’s environmental resources and beauty.

Source: Savannah Morning News, “Challenge filed against Guyton sewage plant permit,” DeAnn Komanecky, Dec. 15, 2013