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EPA agrees to stricter regulations related to heater emissions

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2014 | Environmental Law |

Clean air advocates who have worried about pollution caused by heaters and woodstoves are celebrating. The Environmental Protection Agency proposes new standards regarding the devices. If the clean air proposal becomes law, those responsible for residential heaters and woodstoves have a new worry on their shoulders.

Creating environmentally responsible and safe homes has become more high-priority these days. Consumers are even limited to the type of light bulbs that they can now purchase. Perhaps it should be no surprise that larger home utilities such as heaters and woodstoves would face the scrutiny of environmentalists and lawmakers.

The proposal suggests that by 2015, heaters and woodstoves placed in homes must be at least 80 percent cleaner than those that are currently used. It sounds like a tall order, but the EPA believes that the change would not only better serve the air that we breathe but save millions of dollars that are spent due to the health problems caused by related air pollution.

As with many proposals related to the environment and that also impact a business, there is sure to be debate before new laws are enacted. But the EPA at least had to get the ball rolling on this pollution matter; it’s been 25 years since this law has been reevaluated.

If a stricter law is passed, it would mean that people are owed cleaner, safer utilities in their homes. U.S. residents would be owed a higher level of air quality. We will post an update when there’s a development in this matter.

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