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Are toxins causing a ‘brain drain’ among our children?

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2014 | Toxic Torts |

Even while people are just a couple of weeks pregnant, they have grand ideas about the people that their children will be. Parents dream that their kids will be healthy, smart, kind, etc. When it comes to a kid’s health and intelligence, those qualities are more linked than some might understand. 

That is the drive behind the creation of a new environmental report regarding toxic chemicals and the developing brains of fetuses, babies and kids overall. Scientists believe that there is a longer list of toxins that are draining the intellectual potential of kids than what was once thought.

The so-called “rules” for pregnant women change from generation to generation. Clearly, women are not supposed to drink alcohol or smoke while pregnant. Somewhat newer but still stressed diet rules include limiting the amount and type of fish they eat. Why? Because of the mercury and the impact the toxin can have on the development of a child.

Researchers believe that the future of society is in danger because of more toxins than just mercury. A new scientific paper warns that the number of toxins that threaten the health of children has at least doubled in the last several years. Those toxins, the researchers believe, are decreasing kids’ IQs and, therefore, decreasing their potential and how they might benefit the world.

There is always more research that can be done in an effort to discover health risks. But there is research, and then there is real life. If a child or adult is sick or struggling with another health issue that they believe is attributed to preventable toxic exposure, a toxic tort lawyer can explain their legal options.

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