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One Georgia project brings county zoning problems to light

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2014 | Land Use & Zoning |

There are various types and levels of law. Laws even divide based on the county that one lives in. Your friend who might live only 10 minutes away could have distinct laws that, for example, impact what they can or cannot do with their home.

Zoning laws are the basis of what has become a widely watched dispute in a Georgia community. Residents of and around DeKalb County believe that a serious flaw has been identified regarding land use and zoning decisions in their area.

While one home was in the process of being built, nearby residents challenged the build based on the argument that certain aspects of the home’s construction were not done according to code based on zoning. Apparently, they and city officials were looking at different zoning maps.

The situation has opened up the community’s eyes to a zoning problem that not only involves the building of the one home but others in the area. It is possible that officials have been looking at a zoning map that is not accurate in depicting zones as they pertain to land use and permits. In the particular case of the building controversy that helped identify the problem, officials supposedly referred to a map zoned for tax purposes not land use purposes.

If government officials truly have been using the wrong maps and zoning ordinances when approving buildings and other land use requests in and around DeKalb County, the wrongdoing could impact past projects and whether they are actually up-to-code or even allowed in certain areas.

As there are developments in this Georgia zoning law matter, we will be sure to post updates.

Someone who has any zoning concerns regarding an existing building or future project should work with a Georgia land use attorney who can evaluate what can be a complex legal matter.


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