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Army base may be responsible for water contamination

On Behalf of | May 28, 2014 | Water Contamination |

Water contamination is one of the scary realities of living in a world where we are routinely exposed to toxins, sometimes without our knowledge. Even though federal and state laws are designed to ensure that water contamination is kept to a minimum, unacceptable levels of contamination do still sometimes occur.

In Clayton County, there is currently a concern that toxic vapors from contaminated ground water may have seeped into homes surrounding Fort Gillem. The contamination itself is thought to have come from buried landfills. Authorities are concerned that exposure to the vapors could cause health problems for locals, and inspection of the area is reportedly set to occur this summer. Residents will reportedly be having visits for the testing of water samples to ensure they are safe.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, there are roughly 15 million American households that primarily use water from private wells. Owners of private wells need to ensure that their water is free from contamination on a yearly basis, since water contamination can lead to numerous health problems. Well water contamination can be a problem anywhere, but is currently a big issue in states where hydraulic fracturing—also called fracking—is a big industry.

Wherever and whenever water contamination occurs, it is important for people to understand their rights so that they can seek appropriate compensation and relief for themselves, their communities, and their environment. Unfortunately for ordinary people, it can be difficult to fight offending parties, which are often corporations with significant financial and legal resources. Working with an experienced attorney is therefore an important way to ensure one’s interests receive due advocacy in such cases.

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