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Georgia chemical company under scrutiny for spill record

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2014 | Toxic Torts |

The safety record of a Georgia chemical company is currently under scrutiny due to repeated chemical spills. MFG Chemical, Inc., located in Dalton, has reportedly been responsible for 6 chemical spills or releases since 2004. An incident in 2012 led to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration issuing 20 safety violations. A total of 40 workers from other companies were hospitalized in connection with that incident, and a total of $77,000 in penalties have been issued in connection with the spills. Two more workers were recently injured in another incident.

All but the latter incident have been deemed by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division to be minor. This, of course, is concerning for residents surrounding the facility. The agency has suggested improved training to avoid worker injuries from chemical release incidents.

Chemical spills such as those for which MFG has been responsible are not always minor. In addition to the risks to company workers, local residents and others can be harmed. Those with routine exposure can suffer from serious damage to their health as a result. When this happens, it is important for those affected by the company’s irresponsibility to understand their rights for recovery.

In pursuing a chemical exposure case, it isn’t always the case that the case will go to trial. Some cases settle when the company offers a sufficient amount of compensation. Oftentimes, responsible companies will not admit responsibility in the settlement agreement, and this may or may not matter to a plaintiff. In any case, it is important to work with an experienced on this type of case to ensure the best possible outcome.

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