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Authorities work to clear out toxin which left Ohio residents without drinking water

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2014 | Water Contamination |

Clean water is among the most precious of resources, and it is only when we find ourselves without it that we really appreciate this fact. Water contamination can have a serious impact not only on individuals, but on entire communities. This is residents in Toledo and small areas of southeastern Michigan have been finding out recently when a toxin was found in a treatment plant.

Because of the toxin, Governor John Kasich declared a state of emergency for several counties and called on the assistance of the National Guard to bring water to residents. In this case, boiling tap water was not an option since the contaminant in question becomes more potent with boiling.

The contamination has been linked to algae from Lake Erie, which supplies water to the communities. Lake Erie supplies drinking water for roughly 11 million people. Apparently operators of water treatment plants along Lake Erie have expressed concern over contamination in recent years.

Once the issue of drinking water contamination is taken care of, there are other issues that will have to be addressed. One of these is contamination due to agricultural runoff. Authorities will need to begin addressing this problem as well.

Clearly, water contamination is important to avoid. When water sources are contaminated, those who are affected deserve to be adequately compensated when the contamination is due to another party’s failure to abide by their legal duties. When such issues arise, working with an attorney experienced in the area of environmental law is an important asset.

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