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Toxic tort victims: work with us to seek compensation for pollution-related injury, loss

On Behalf of | May 12, 2016 | Toxic Torts |

Last time, we began looking at a federal lawsuit which has been filed against the Environmental Protection Agency by several environmental advocacy groups who claim the agency doesn’t adequately regulate fracking wastewater disposal. As we noted, the groups are requested stricter regulations.

It isn’t that nothing has been done in recent years to address the issue. Last year, for instance, the Department of the Interior established standards for fracking on public lands and Native American reservations. The regulation of the industry is, however, largely in the hands of individual states at present.

Fracking has the potential to significantly affect property owners in the state of Georgia, and wherever it is going on. Opening rural areas to oil and gas exploration can impact local property owners’ mineral rights, local waters supplies, roadway traffic and can increase local industrialization and air and water pollution. As we’ve noted, it isn’t entirely clear what the long-term impact of fracking will be on local environments and wildlife, nor on local human populations.

Whatever the case may be with respect to the long-term consequences of fracking, it is important for anybody who believes they have suffered loss or injury due to industrial pollution to work with an experienced environmental law attorney to have their situation evaluated and to determine their options for seeking compensation and holding responsible parties liable. Our firm is dedicated to zealously advocating the rights and interests of those harmed by environmental pollution, and we fight to give our clients the best opportunity to receive compensation from those who have harmed them.


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