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Coalition to address problem of illegal dumping on Proctor Creek

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2016 | Environmental Law |

Atlanta readers are familiar with Proctor Creek, which runs through downtown Atlanta and up to the Chattahoochee. Proctor Creek has a watershed which encompasses 10,600 acres, which impacts a great many people. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Proctor Creek has serious environmental challenges, including high levels of bacteria from regular storm water flooding and sewage overflows.

Earlier this month, the City of Atlanta announced the implementation of a new program aimed at cleaning up Proctor Creek, monitoring water quality and the installation of green infrastructure. In addition, the program will The program is noteworthy because of the diverse groups involved in the effort, including city planners, private investors, and environmental nonprofit organizations. 

One of the major challenges for Proctor Creek, in addition to sanitary sewer overflows, is illegal tire dumping and littering. Years of abuse have left the river in a poor state, and this has taken a toll on local property owners. The city’s role in the problem has not been overlooked, either. Some residents have sued the city, alleging negligence in maintaining the creek. The city’s failure to conduct proper cleanup of the creek puts property owners at risk for significant fines and citations.

Property owners who are impacted by illegal dumping in Atlanta shouldn’t have to sit back and accept the costs of this illegal activity. Working with an experienced environmental law attorney ensures that a property owner has guidance regarding his or her legal options and advocacy in pursuing those who are contributing to the problem.

Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution, “Illegal dumping the focus of new lawsuit against Atlanta,” Nov. 1, 2015. 


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