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Stockpiled tires are a nuisance and a danger

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It is against the law in Georgia and most other states to dump tires. Nevertheless, people shamelessly drop their waste tires along the road and even onto private property. Others may allow tires to accumulate on their land or try to burn them. If you have a neighbor who has a stockpile of waste tires, you may be concerned about the environmental impact it is having on your neighborhood.

Tire piles create many hazards

The shape of tires allows water to collect and create stagnant pools, which are breeding grounds for mosquitoes. In fact, mosquitoes most populous around tire piles often carry viral diseases, such as the potentially deadly encephalitis. Living near a stockpile of tires may put your family at risk for this brain inflammation that can result in serious medical conditions.

If your neighbor decides to burn the stockpile, your community is facing another set of dangers and health hazards. Burning tires release petroleum that coats plants and animals with an oily substance. Imagine what that oil does in your lungs. When dealing with a tire fire, responders have three choices:

  • Pouring water onto the fire is the least effective and produces an oily liquid that can contaminate water sources near your home.
  • Smothering the fire with foam is very expensive, requires a large amount to make a difference and contaminates water sources with its run-off.
  • Allowing the fire to burn itself out may take weeks or months and continues to pollute your neighborhood as it burns.

A burning tire pile is extremely hot and difficult to extinguish. There seems to be no effective way to put out a tire fire without damaging the surrounding environment and waterways. You certainly do not want to hesitate in dealing with a nuisance like stockpiled tires near your home.

Preserving your right to a healthy environment

A threat to the environment often goes beyond monetary value. If your peaceful home or neighborhood is at risk because of tire stockpiles or tire fires, you have a right to be upset and want action. The toxins released into the air from smoldering tires can be dangerous to human health as well as wildlife. Even when tires are not burning, they present a significant risk to living things all around.

To fight these dangers, you may wish to consult an attorney who is passionate about protecting the environment and the rights of property owners. If you are unable to enjoy your property because of the presence of a nuisance nearby, or if you fear for the natural resources in your area, an attorney may be able to help you resolve those issues.


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