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Protecting the environment is the goal of Georgia’s EPD

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Everyone in Georgia deserves clean water, clean air and unpolluted land. The state’s Environmental Protection Division is tasked with doing what it can to ensure that the environment is sustainable and healthy for its residents and those who visit here. In order to meet those goals, the agency is charged with several tasks aimed at protecting the environment.

First, the EPD searches for ways to resolve the environmental challenges facing Georgia and its residents. Furthermore, it applies Georgia’s rules, policies and laws aimed at keeping the state’s environment sustainable and protecting the health of the people here. In the performance of these duties, the agency attempts to carry out that duty in a fair, timely and consistent manner.

It may not always be easy to balance the economic needs of the state with these responsibilities, however. This is why the EPD is challenged to find new ways to meet both needs. This often requires the involvement of professionals both inside and outside the state. The public is also encouraged to get involved, and cooperation, collaboration and communication are key to meeting the requirements of the EPD as it strives to fulfill its mission.

Companies and real estate developers working in the state are encouraged to work with the EPD. If you include protecting the environment as part of your business strategies here in Georgia, you may have an easier time working with the agency when seeking approval for projects. If a company or individual needs assistance in determining how to stay within the environmental laws implemented and enforced by the agency, an environmental lawyer may be invaluable.

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