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About the EPA’s ROE for protecting the environment

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2017 | Environmental Law |

What is an ROE? Georgia businesses and developers may need to know the answer to that question. It stands for the Report on the Environment done by the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA compiles certain data on the environment as part of its ongoing mission of protecting the environment.

Information on ecological, health and human exposure trends become part of the ROE to help the EPA answer 23 questions believed vital to protecting the environment. Without the ROE, the agency would have difficulty determining whether it is succeeding in that mission. The information could also help with the need to continuously develop new priorities and strategies.

There are more than 80 indicators used to answer the relevant questions and collect enough data to create the trends. Each indicator measures the state of human health and environment in a particular geographical area and must meet certain criteria in order to be included. It took a panel of people to determine the efficacy of the indicators that now make up the list.

Each one includes technical documentation, text and a graphic. When necessary, indicators are updated or rotated in and out to provide better data. In addition to trends involving air, land and water quality, the ROE also provides trends regarding ecological conditions, health and human exposure.

Like other Georgia businesses, you may make a point to be sure your company is protecting the environment. However, the trends in the EPA’s ROE could cause the agency to see something different. When the EPA steps into a business or development alleging the violation of some environmental regulation or law, you may need help to determine your next steps.

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