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Water pollution is an issue in many Georgia towns

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2017 | Water Contamination |

With the advances in technology that have occurred in recent decades, ensuring that what comes out of the tap in every home in the country will not harm anyone should not be an issue. Unfortunately, that clear glass of water from the faucet could be deceptive. A recent study indicates that water pollution is an issue in no fewer than 30 water systems here in Georgia.

The Environmental Working Group conducted the study. It claims that these water systems have contaminants that have been known to cause developmental issues in children, cancer and pregnancy complications, along with other health conditions that could be serious. Part of the problem is that legal limits for these contaminants are often different from the health limits for them, which means that they may be in the water legally despite the potential harm to those who ingest them.

The “violations” found in the study consist mostly of health limit violations and not legal ones. However, that does not stop this organization and others from pointing out that these contaminants could potentially harm unsuspecting Georgia residents. It should be noted that other contaminants were found that do exceed the legal limits. It it not known what those in charge of each water system will do with the information provided by this study.

Local governments must abide by water pollution laws set by both the state and federal governments. When studies such as this one identify potential violations of those laws, swift action may be needed in order to address them. Most governmental agencies in charge of local water systems do what they can to be proactive, but when it comes time to consider a defense, it may be beneficial to bring in an environmental lawyer to assist.

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