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Efforts to keep water pollution at bay get recognized

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2017 | Water Contamination |

The health of Georgia’s environment is the responsibility of everyone. To that end, the Georgia Water Coalition recently recognized the efforts of the “Clean 13” to keep water pollution at bay. The coalition includes more than 240 organizations varying from hunting and fishing groups to conservation and environmental organizations to businesses and faith-based organizations that work to protect the waterways here in Georgia.

This year’s honorees vary widely. Their projects range from solving the garbage problem in the state’s waterways to designing and building a bridge designed to protect the habitat of endangered mussels and fish. The coalition created the list as a way to recognize their work and encourage others to come up with solutions either to keep the water clean or to clean it.

Individuals are also eligible for the honor. For instance, Rep. John Meadows received recognition for updating policies regarding gas and oil drilling to keep fracking from polluting drinking water in the state. All of the companies and individuals recognized have taken measures to improve water quality and protect both the environment and the public.

Everyone should have access to clean water. The efforts of companies, organizations and individuals such as those in the coalition and those honored by it may just keep water pollution from denying that access. Many of the innovations created in recent years may have been in response to the need to mitigate potential environmental issues associated with a new project. Companies looking to avoid legal entanglements due to these types of issues may want to discuss their plans with an attorney who can explain their rights and responsibilities under current federal and Georgia environmental laws.

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