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Enforcing water quality standards help keep the public safe

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Logically, you may know that this is a good thing, but when the Environmental Protection Agency or a Georgia environmental agency comes knocking on your door, you may not appreciate it. Alleged violations of water quality standards can be costly to your business. You may need someone in your corner to help you get through your dealings with these agencies in a way that keeps your business profitable.

What types of violations could you be accused of by either a Georgia environmental agency or the EPA? It depends on your business. If you run an animal operation, disposing of waste is a never-ending issue.

If some of the waste ends up in any of the bodies of water in the area, it could present a threat to the water system and the public as a result. If you own a business that deals with toxic substances or oil, any contamination could threaten plant and animal life as well. If filling and dredging materials end up discharged into waterways without express permission, you could also run afoul of the EPA or Georgia laws.

More than likely, you have taken all of the precautions deemed necessary to keep from violating the applicable water quality standards. Even so, accidents do happen. As you work to correct the issue that caused the accident, you may need an attorney to help you deal with the legalities involved. Doing so could help to mitigate any proposed fines or other consequences that are being considered against your company. In many situations, it may be possible to negotiate a settlement that satisfies both sides.

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