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Keeping your project in compliance with environmental law

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2017 | Environmental Law |

As a developer, you are probably aware that your project will need to comply with a plethora of rules, regulations and laws. Some of those will include environmental law concerns, which can be easily violated if you are not careful. It may be beneficial to understand the federal and Georgia laws that apply to your particular project and know how to remain in compliance with them upfront, so that you do not experience issues later.

Whether you are developing a strip mall, a housing development or a commercial development, there will undoubtedly be environmental implications. The challenge is determining what environmental laws you need to be aware of and how to mitigate them if necessary. This is where an environmental attorney can prove invaluable.

First, a thorough review of the project will be done. Next, all due diligence regarding the land and other project considerations should take place. Once the issues are identified, you can sit down and determine whether you will need to make adjustments to your plans, take on additional steps to ensure compliance or negotiate with governmental agencies to help ensure your project may move forward. This type of counseling beforehand could save you headaches, delays and cost overruns in the future.

Protecting the environment has become a significant issue here in Georgia. In additional to federal environmental law compliance, you will more than likely also need to comply with applicable state and local regulations and laws. Failing to consider even one could prove costly whether now or in the future. Taking advantage of the advice and assistance of an environmental law attorney could prove to be one of the best business decisions you make regarding your project.