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River pollution is a primary concern here in Georgia

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2018 | Water Contamination |

You may be one of the thousands who moved to Georgia for its beauty, business environment or other opportunities. In any case, the increase in the region’s population has increased concern over the waterways in this state and elsewhere in the area. River pollution could affect not only the availability of clean drinking water, but also the local environment.

With the influx of businesses and residents, a corresponding increase in waste occurs. State and federal laws govern the storage, disposal, treatment and transportation of that waste. Businesses, governments and others may be required to adhere to environmental laws in order to reduce the potential for pollution that affects the water systems throughout the state.

Not just businesses produce waste and potential pollution that must heed environmental laws, however. Developers may find their projects blocked due to zoning issues and environmental issues. It may be possible to continue work on a project if the potential affects to the area can be mitigated to the satisfaction of the appropriate governmental agencies. Reaching an agreement may require some experienced help.

Many businesses use the services of real estate and business law attorneys, but they may not fully understand the environmental laws that apply to a particular situation. However, a Georgia environmental attorney may have the experience you need in order to gain a full understanding of your rights and responsibilities when it comes to river pollution. Whether you are in the planning stages of a project or business, or have been notified of an issue, it may be in your best interest to take advantage of such an attorney’s experience to help make sure that you comply with all applicable laws and regulations.