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Risk of chemical exposure high from black women’s hair products

On Behalf of | May 16, 2018 | Toxic Torts |

Any woman, whether here in Georgia or elsewhere, who has walked into a hair salon knows that numerous chemicals are used in order to achieve the styles they desire. Some of them come with the potential for chemical exposure that could cause harm to both salon workers and their customers. It turns out that those who face the most risk could be black women and children.

Recently, the results of a new study indicate that out of 18 of the most popular hair products used by black women and children, an alarming 80 percent contain hazardous chemicals. The chemicals in question are linked to fertility issues, asthma and weight gain to name a few. Perhaps the most disturbing finding revealed that some of the chemicals are even linked to cancer.

Diethyl phthalate and methyl paraben were discovered in around 72 percent of the products tested. Deithyl phthalate is an acid that may emit toxic gas if it is burned. Researchers also report that 84 percent of the chemicals detected during testing of the products were not even on the products’ labels. Six different types of products were tested such as relaxers, hair lotions and root stimulators, among others.

The chemical exposure created by these products could have devastating consequences for the health of many women. This new information may provide many Georgia women with answers regarding the source of physical ailments that took them by surprise. If it turns out that an illness can be linked to one of these products, it may be beneficial to gain an understanding of the legal rights and options available.