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What does the Clean Water Act mean for your business?

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Whether you are a developer, property owner or other party interested in land use and the develop of land, it is beneficial to learn about the state and federal regulations that may impact these types of projects. The Clean Water Act is federal legislation aimed at keeping the quality and safety of waterways at a high level. It is smart to know how exactly this could affect your Georgia business.

The purpose of the Clean Water Act is to keep dangerous pollutants out of the water. This may affect how businesses and developers do things like dispose of waste, run sewage lines and handle potentially toxic substances and chemicals. Violations of certain regulations can lead to financial and legal complications.

Protecting water quality

The CWA helps both public and private parties understand how to handle chemicals and pollutants that could get into the water. Originally written in 1948, lawmakers updated and expanded the act in 1972. This act is the standard for the handling of wastewater, and it contains terms that address the national water quality.

According to the CWA, private citizens and businesses of all types may not put into navigable waters any harmful substance or pollutant from a point source. In some cases, organizations may get a permit an exception to this rule. Point sources include things like pipes, ditches and other systems used to convey waste into navigable waters. The Environmental Protection Agency has a system in place for overseeing the discharge and release of harmful substances. 

What does this mean for your business?

Most people are not familiar with the CWA and other regulations that can impact how certain businesses operate. Environmental compliance is an important consideration, and it can be smart to work with a lawyer who understands the legal issues at hand and can provide the guidance, explanations and support needed to avoid the threat of legal complications or potential financial loss in the future. 

The protection of state waterways and the national water quality level is important. Your business will benefit from seeking a complete understanding of how to adhere to important standards while still meeting your goals as a business. Organizations that need to think about certain environmental factors include land developers, municipal governments, construction companies and industrial businesses. It may help to start with a complete assessment of your company operations and explanation of the legal matters at hand.


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