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Negotiating Superfund cleanup agreements: work with an attorney

We’ve been speaking in recent posts about the Environmental Protection Agency’s Superfund program, which has the goal of identifying and cleaning up sites contaminated with toxic waste, and then holding responsible parties responsible for that cleanup. In our last post, we spoke briefly about how the EPA generally approaches Superfund cleanup liability.

Liability for cleanup of Superfund sites, P.2

In previous posts, we’ve been discussing the Environmental Protection Agency’s Superfund Program, and how liability is assigned to parties for the cleanup of sites contaminated with hazardous waste. As we noted, there are various parties that may be potentially responsible for funding a site cleanup effort. Not all parties will face the same liability, though.

Liability for cleanup of Superfund sites

In our last post, we mentioned that there has been opposition to the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposal cleanup of a contaminated site in Brunswick, Georgia. As we noted, the area has already been designated as a Superfund site, meaning that it will be subjected to cleanup by the EPA.

Brunswick EPA cleanup proposal is too little, too late

A total of 801 acres in Brunswick, Georgia is currently the subject of an environmental dispute involving the question of how ambitious the government should be in cleaning up contaminated grounds. While the site involves extensive contamination involving a number of chemicals, there is a particular concern about dangerous levels of PCBs, lead, mercury, and so-called polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons.

Anadarko settlement agreement receives final approval

Back in April, Texas oil company Anadarko Petroleum Corp. reached a settlement with Tronox Inc., a company which spun off Kerr-McGee Corp. in 2005 before the latter was acquired by Anadarko in 2006. The settlement concerned billions of dollars connected to environmental cleanup and public health issues which originated from before the Anadarko acquisition.

WA agency proposes cleanup plan for old Georgia-Pacific site

A 31-acre parcel of proper formerly owned by Georgia-Pacific Corp. is currently the subject of debate for officials at the Washington State Department of Ecology. The debate concerns how to clean up contaminated portions of the property. The department, it has been reported, is probably going to recommend spending around $5.7 million to cap and remove portions of the property exposed to toxic pollution. Sources say the contaminants include mercury and other metals, petroleum, dioxins/furans, and volatile organic compounds.

Anadarko settlement approved in bankruptcy court

Some time ago, we wrote about a massive settlement involving Anadarko Petroleum, one of the companies associated with the British Petroleum oil spill back in 2010. The agreement, which was reached back in April, put an end to a lawsuit involving the U.S. Department of Justice and creditors of one of Anadarko’s former subsidiaries.  

Georgia man criminally convicted for mishandling hazardous waste

One might think that if it is someone's job to properly manage hazardous waste, that person would properly handle the hazardous waste. That worker failing to safely store or discard the materials would be like a chef forgetting to turn the stove on when cooking. 

Georgia city will participate in air clean-up project

These days, it can come as a surprise to see politicians actually work together in a positive way. With the announcement of a new environmental effort, it looks as though at least 10 politicians have found common ground: they wan to create cleaner air in their cities.

Georgia students' school garden on hold due to runoff risk

Thankfully, more and more people are growing up to understand the importance and value of nature. The lessons of environmental appreciation are starting at a young age. A group of students at a Georgia elementary school, for example, have taken pride in beginning their own garden.

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