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Ash spill cleaners sue over unsafe exposure to toxic environment

Almost five years ago, a devastating environmental event took place in Tennessee. There was a collapse at a large fossil plant that resulted in ash spill covering a significant portion of land in the community. As is normal in situations like this, an effort to clean up the destruction was put into effect. That cleanup, however, reportedly caused a whole new sort of mess. 

Atlanta schools join effort to keep air clean

Environmental activists have renewed their efforts to make Atlanta's schools a cleaner place to learn with the Clean Air Schools campaign. The organization heading the effort, Clean Air Campaign, is encouraging schools to take simple steps like encouraging carpooling, asking people to take the bus, and discouraging idling cars on school grounds. 

Autism risk: Just another reason to combat pollution

When a family is expecting a child, they like to believe that they are in control of the situation and that the baby will be healthy. For the most part, kids are born healthy, but not all are born without health complications. A recent environmental study gives parents a big reason to hope that the air that they are breathing during pregnancy is relatively clean.

Georgia workers working for clean air -- from home

In what work situation would you be most effective? Do you work best while in the office and surrounded by colleagues? Would you be able to be effective if your office was in your home and you had less of a commute? Companies across the nation, including many within Georgia, are tackling the various questions regarding telecommuting. Some high-profile businesses have recently shut down the option for their employers to work remotely.

Oil from spill might be 'out of sight' but not necessarily gone

In a world that runs on oil and a country that still largely depends on it, more oil spills will happen within the U.S. The recent Deepwater Horizon spill is an extreme example of the damage that the oil industry can cause the environment. Not just the water and wildlife are impacted by the massive accidental spill; livelihoods took a major hit in areas of the Gulf of Mexico.

Cobb plaintiffs lost quality of lake, win stormwater runoff suit

For many, it's a dream to live on the water. Residents of the Stillwaters subdivision in west Cobb, Georgia, have the luxury of living on Stillwaters Lake. Sadly, the quality of that lake and the joy that the residents used to get from it has been tainted by negligent land development.

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