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Looking at the role of expert testimony in toxic tort litigation, P.1

Toxic tort litigation can be an important avenue of recovery and compensation for those harmed by exposure to chemicals contained in consumer products and on the job. Toxic tort litigation can be premised on negligence, strict liability, fraud and sometimes wrongful death claims, depending on the circumstances of the case.

Company faces litigation for allegedly covering up dangers of weed-killer to humans

This time of year, many homeowners are working to get their lawns back in shape for the year, and this involves addressing weeds. While some folks opt for a chemical free approach to lawn care, many American’s use commercially available herbicides. With any chemical product, responsible consumers read labels well and use products as directed. Unfortunately, labels are only as reliable as the companies that put them on their products.

Toxic tort victims: work with us to seek compensation for pollution-related injury, loss

Last time, we began looking at a federal lawsuit which has been filed against the Environmental Protection Agency by several environmental advocacy groups who claim the agency doesn’t adequately regulate fracking wastewater disposal. As we noted, the groups are requested stricter regulations.

Environmental groups sue EPA to adequately address fracking concerns

Various environmental advocacy groups have filed a federal lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency alleging that the agency has not done enough to address the environmental concerns associated with hydraulic fracturing, commonly known as fracking. The groups say current regulations on fracking wastewater disposal are vague and inadequate, and they are seeking to force the EPA to establish stricter rules on disposal of fracking wastewater.  

Flint water crisis prompts litigation over excessive lead exposure

We have previously written on this blog about the Flint water crisis, noting the shakeup in the local government over the debacle. We also mentioned that the investigations that began in response to the incident, including an investigation by the EPA. In addition to the legal action that has already been taken, a lawsuit was recently filed in a federal court in Detroit seeking damages for Flint resident and property owners who have suffered both physical and economic injuries.

Bills aim to prevent “overbroad classification” in class-action litigation, P.2

Last time, we began speaking about two House bills currently under consideration—the Fairness in Class Action Litigation Act and the Further Asbestos Claims Transparency Act. As we noted, the aim of these bills is to prevent overbroad classification, but there is the concern that these bills, if passed into law, will make it harder for victims of corporate wrongdoing to receive compensation.

Bills aim to prevent “overbroad classification” in class-action litigation, P.1

Class action litigation is an important way for consumers to receive compensation when they would not otherwise be able to pursue litigation due to the costs and likely small payoff for them as an individual  The idea with class action litigation is that similarly situated parties have the opportunity to receive compensation through the court system which they would likely not otherwise have the resources to pursue against powerful corporations.

Thousands evacuated after exposure to contaminated air

Exposure to toxic chemicals can by facilitated by contaminated air, water or substances. In Georgia and all other states, there are federal and state laws that prohibit a company from allowing the massive leakage of contaminated air into the properties of thousands of nearby residential homes. Even at common law, there are nuisance and related tort actions that victims can assert to obtain compensation for illness related to exposure to contaminated air.

Paper talks about long-term effects of chemical exposure

Chemical exposure is something that all of us have to worry about in our lives, to one extent or another. Whether one is looking at exposure to toxic household products, water pollution, pesticides on our produce, or toxic exposure in the workplace, all of us have to deal with it at some level.

Use of artificial turf increases, despite toxicity concerns

Sports advocates here in Georgia and elsewhere have probably heard of the trend toward using artificial turf fields made up of small pellets of crumb rubber, which comes from old recycled tires. Crumb rubber is often used for football and soccer fields as it provides cushioning for players when they fall, but there are also concerns about the toxicity of the rubber pellets.

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