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Government can be insufficient source of environmental justice

Different people will answer differently in regards to what they believe is the role of their government. Some might agree that government should work to protect the best interest of its people and land. Again, different people might answer differently about what is in a people's and land's best interests.

EPA agrees to stricter regulations related to heater emissions

Clean air advocates who have worried about pollution caused by heaters and woodstoves are celebrating. The Environmental Protection Agency proposes new standards regarding the devices. If the clean air proposal becomes law, those responsible for residential heaters and woodstoves have a new worry on their shoulders.

Sriracha factory adds to heat over environmental case with banner

In a past post, we shared how residents who live by the factory that makes the popular Sriracha sauce filed a lawsuit to try to stop or at least change the production of the condiment product. Why? As we shared about a month ago, residents in the nearby neighborhood complained that the production was making it uncomfortable to live in the area. 

Hot sauce maker in hot water over impact on nearby residents

Most people know at least one person who is an avid spicy food lover. Maybe they have multiple bottles of hot sauce in their cupboards. Maybe they bring a bottle Sriracha with them to Thanksgiving. Those who do rely on the spice of Sriracha might want to stock up on their favorite sauce now, since the business behind it is facing legal trouble.

Value of wildlife protection could be tested by Georgia plant

Maybe everyone doesn't know what their state flower, bird or tree is. Even for those who are not avid wildlife lovers and enthusiasts, they still live off of the land and enjoy the gifts it provides. They just might not be mindful of that.

First time for everything, like linking cancer and air pollution

People will file environmental lawsuits for various reasons. Sometimes the matter is more about money, in matters of land value, real estate, etc. Sometimes the matter is much for serious and sensitive, like when damage to the environment or improper land use get people sick, sometimes fatally so.

Stricter coal standards: environmentally friendly money risk?

The world has run on coal for so long that it seems like it will always be a go-to form of power. Centuries of coal use, however, doesn't mean that coal is the energy source of forever. It isn't a perfect power source due to impurities of the substance. There are environmental reasons why the U.S. is looking to modify its use and regulations of the coal indurstry.

Happy ending for Disney in environmental lawsuit

Not everything is fairies, princesses and singing creatures in the magical world of Walt Disney Co. With Disney being such a big company, it isn't surprising that it has faced its share of lawsuits in its time. Among those legal hurdles have been environmental disputes.

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