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Stack & Associates, P.C., is a unique law firm that was founded in 1993 through the vision of Donald D.J. Stack. Started as a small environmental law firm, Stack & Associates has grown into a premier environmental law office serving citizens, municipalities and corporations throughout the entire Southeast region. The firm's expansion over the past 20 years is a reflection of the growing demand for environmental protection.

Our experienced Atlanta-based attorneys are passionate about their work. We work hard to protect our region's beauty and its natural resources by providing advice on all environmental matters, including regulatory compliance, land use and a variety of other environmental law practice areas.

Regardless of whether you are an individual seeking help, or represent a city, county or corporation, our law firm will provide you with the representation you expect from a firm with our reputation. Contact our Atlanta law office online today for help throughout the Southeast, or call 404-692-7504 to discuss your specific needs.

Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama Water Pollution Lawyers

Our Atlanta environmental law office serves a variety of individuals, neighborhoods, citizens' groups, nonprofit organizations and small businesses throughout Georgia and our neighboring states of South Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama.

Since 1993, we have tackled nearly every environmental law issue, and our work has ranged from advising on coastal development to personal property damage issues. Our practice areas include:

Representative Cases

In the legal profession as in other fields, past accomplishments are often the best indicators of future success. Our representative cases bear witness to our law firm's ability to represent clients against even the most formidable adversaries, including government bodies and giant corporations, in both individual and class action claims.

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