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Clean Water and River Pollution

The rapid growth in the population of Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama in recent years has put enormous strains on the quantity and quality of the region’s natural water resources. People often think the southeastern United States has an abundance of clean water, but does not significant water allocation and usage issues have become significant concerns for the area.

At , we provide environmental counsel to assist individuals, neighborhood associations, businesses, organizations, government entities in their efforts to combat water pollution. Whether the pollution resulted from rapid growth or poor development practices, our Atlanta clean water attorneys have the experience and knowledge to resolve your issues.

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Protecting Against Water Pollution

Our environmental lawyers have significant experience handling complex legal issues related to:

  • Clean Water Act and related state administrative and federal water regulations and statutes
  • Point source pollution and nonpoint source pollution of lakes, rivers, wetlands, coastal waters and underground drinking water sources
  • Hydrological issues, including excessive water discharges, flooding and sewer overflows
  • Waste transportation, treatment, storage and disposal issues
  • Nitrogen and other pollution from agricultural, industrial and manufacturing operations, including textile mills and carpet mills
  • Thermal pollution from power plants
  • Minimizing the impact of development on waterways and downstream properties
  • Nuisance and trespass arising from hydrology issues
  • Stormwater, sediment and flooding
  • Streams, rivers, lakes and wetlands

In addition, our firm has dealt with issues relating to riparian water rights, water quality standards in several southeastern states, stream buffer variances, and a variety of other clean water compliance-related issues.

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