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Streams, Rivers, Lakes And Wetlands

One of the most urgent environmental issues facing Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina and the surrounding regions today involves the sharing of water from lakes, reservoirs, rivers and streams for all of the competing societal uses. This issue affects citizens and municipalities, as well as small businesses and corporations. How much water can we prudently withdraw? How much must we put back, and in what condition?

At , our Atlanta water rights attorneys have helped clients in the Southeast region answer these questions since 1993. We are well-versed in every aspect of environmental law — which at times can be quite complex — and we believe our experience in this area cannot be matched.

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Southwestern Streams, Rivers, Lakes And Wetlands Attorneys

At our Atlanta- and Savannah-based law firm, we keep up to date on all current events within the environmental law sector. We are aware of critical water rights issues, including the construction of huge regional reservoirs to create lakefront property. Damming miles of streams creates responsibilities and liabilities for dam maintenance and upkeep, and it can have myriad environmental impacts, such as changing cold water to warm water. This, in turn, threatens wildlife by significantly altering the natural ecosystem. Reservoirs pose problems because they can lose millions of gallons of water a day.

Additional issues involving waterways in Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama and Tennessee with which we can assist our clients include:

  • Maintaining and assuring adequate water flows
  • Water quality and resources
  • 7Q10 flow
  • Interbasin water transfers
  • Flooding of property for regional reservoirs
  • Development of regional reservoirs
  • Water withdrawals
  • Water diversions
  • General nuisance and property damage issues
  • Zoning, land use, condemnation and eminent domain

Water rights and management are generally regulated under the modified riparian principle. To our clients, this means that anyone living or owning property adjacent to a body of water has the right to make reasonable use of the water — for irrigation, boating or fishing, for example. We help protect these rights, as well as prevent water usage abuse to ensure everyone’s right to use the water is in balance with others.

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