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It takes dedication and hard work to protect the environment from unregulated or under-regulated development. At , we realize one of the best ways to prevent bad development projects and to ensure that any short- and long-term problems are avoided, whether you are the developer or a neighbor, is to get involved in the zoning process, early to ensure that local leaders do the right thing. Often local governments have protective have zoning laws on the books that they fail to enforce.

Fortunately, our Southeast regional law firm, located in Atlanta, Georgia, has found it is possible to get developers to work collaboratively with communities to find mutually beneficial solutions to zoning and land use issues.

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Georgia-Based Land Use Attorneys: Legal Services for Land Development

Not just appeals but help Individuals, Organizations, Business navigate, Local Zoning and Land use requirements / ordinates / zoning bodies.

We assist citizens’ groups in making appeals to zoning boards, help elected officials understand their responsibilities, and counsel others who oppose zoning proposals constituting dramatic changes that people do not want.

Attorneys at our Atlanta office are especially well-qualified to advise local governments on zoning restrictions and other strategies they can utilize without fear of a lawsuit. Our well-experienced attorneys have represented responsible developers, municipalities charged with ensuring responsible development and communities affected by irresponsible development. The common theme throughout these matters is that proper planning and implementation always is preferable to needless and costly litigation. While the age-old adage may sound trite, it truly is better to do things right the first time than to do them over.

Our attorneys can advise or assist you on any of the following:

  • Buffer variances
  • Land use planning
  • Development permits
  • Zoning ordinances and zoning variances
  • Tax abatements
  • Zoning changes
  • Annexation
  • Landfills
  • Stream buffers
  • Neighborhood opposition to new development

Condemnation and Eminent Domain in Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama

Eminent domain is the power governments have to condemn and force the sale of private property. It is typically associated with the rezoning and redevelopment of property, and sometimes leads to the unwanted displacement of people from their homes. Anyone whose property is condemned under eminent domain is entitled to fair compensation for being uprooted.

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