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As a property owner, it is frustrating when other parties trespass on your property or are responsible for a nuisance that interferes with your use or enjoyment of your land.

At , our lawyers represent individuals and organizations in cases involving the loss of enjoyment of property due to trespass and nuisance. We handle a large number of cases at the local, state and federal levels. If another party is interfering with your property ownership rights, do not hesitate to discuss your situation with our firm.

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The terms nuisance and trespass are both used to describe interference with property. Trespass is the intentional, unauthorized and physical invasion of property. Nuisance is interference that does not involve a physical invasion. Examples include:

  • Flooding from Strom water
  • Trash-covered premises
  • Dangerous structures
  • Junk vehicles
  • “Attractive” (especially to children) nuisances
  • Obstructions to public right-of-way
  • Illegal dumping
  • Dumping in waterways
  • ODOR
  • Sediment Discharges

Nuisance lawsuits can be either private or public. Increasingly, claims of public nuisance are being brought in matters involving environmental disputes — for instance, bad odor emanating from a factory hog farm, or pollution to ground water caused by a chicken rendering plant.

We also help a variety of clients impacted by development, including property owners, citizens’ groups with property interests, nonprofit organizations and small businesses. We understand that the issues involved in these disputes go beyond dollars and cents, especially when property that has been in a family for generations is being threatened by the misdeeds of others.

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