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Damage to property caused by excessive stormwater runoff is a growing environmental problem in Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina and Tennessee. This issue can affect individual homes, neighborhoods, cities, towns and businesses, and it has become one of the most serious consequences of large-scale residential and commercial development.

At , our full-service environmental law firm represents all clients with their pollution, flooding and erosion concerns caused by stormwater runoff. We are well-versed in all applicable environmental laws and have built an outstanding track record of success since our inception in 1993.

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Experienced Sediment Pollution Representation in the Southeast

When land is deforested or stripped of naturally occurring vegetation and then paved over with highways, streets, driveways and parking lots, adjoining property can suffer significant harm.

Stormwater picks up pollutants, including dirt, oil, grease and toxic chemicals as it runs over these massive, impervious surfaces, and then carries this pollution to neighboring, low-lying land. If developers neglect to install, maintain adequate erosion-control systems, stormwater runoff can cause sediment pollution, erosion and flooding on adjoining property.

In addition, streams, rivers and other bodies of water are at risk, especially when rain is scarce or infrequent. Pollutants accumulate on developed land and then, when rain finally comes, are quickly washed downhill and into creeks and streams.

We will step in and help developers understand the impact runoff can have on the environment and the importance of ensuring proper prevention controls are in place. As a property owner, you have rights. Our job is to provide cost-effective counsel to protect those rights, even if that means litigating your claim.

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