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The southeastern coastal region has seen increasing levels of development for residential, commercial and governmental use. These rapid changes can have a harsh impact on Georgia’s, South Carolina’s and Alabama’s coastlines and their natural resources. All too often these developments are improperly planned, constructed and managed. Even more frequently, these developments are undertaken with no meaningful thought given to consideration of long-term effect, climate change, competing land use requirements and sustainability.

At , our coastal lawyers provide advice to clients seeking to properly develop land within a state’s coastal zone in an environmentally beneficial and sustainable manner. Since 1993, we have helped individuals, municipalities, government agencies and businesses obtain necessary development permits, create and implement pollution prevention and control measures, and have assisted with many other environmental law issues affecting coastal development. We have assisted clients who desire to demonstrate that development activities and environmental protection need not and should not be mutually exclusive.

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Serving Individuals, Neighborhood Associations, Municipalities and Businesses Along the Southeastern Coast

In addition, our firm realizes that there are consequences when a municipality or developer fails to abide by environmental regulations or fails to do due diligence while planning. If land along the coast is negatively affected by development projects, we will act quickly to prevent further damage and obtain restitution for any damage already done.

Speak with an attorney from , today to learn how the following issues and laws might affect your development project:

  • Clean Water Act
  • Coastal Marshlands Protection Act
  • Shoreline Protection Act
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Act
  • Hydrological changes (changing fresh water, wetlands and marsh areas into impervious surfaces)
  • Land use requirements
  • Pollution regulations and Coastal permits, Land develop Permits, Special use Permits etc,
  • Coastal Zone Management Act
  • Safe Drinking Water Act

These are just a few of the many topics developers must address before they can move forward with their plans. We work with clients from the initial planning phases, throughout the duration of the project, and following a project’s completion to address any compliance issues that arise.

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