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Ogeechee River will continue to be used by textile company

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Our previous post continued the story of struggle for those who have been fighting so hard to make some right out of the immeasurable wrong that’s been done to Georgia’s Ogeechee River. Not only is there still upset with King America Finishing for its pollution of the river that killed thousands of fish; there’s still upset with the entity meant to put such environmental recklessness in-check.

The Environmental Protection Division is in the position to stop KAF from continued toxic practices but it has not opted to do so. As the past post states, various community members and environmental enthusiasts joined together recently to voice their concerns regarding the EPD’s lax reaction to the damage done by KAF. Based on a development in this matter this week, those concerns didn’t achieve much.

A judge ruled that the EPD’s decisions related to KAF and its practices were within reason. According to his judgment, neither the EPD nor KAF are violating the Georgia Water Quality Control Act. The textile company can keep discharging matter into the river, and the EPD’s decision to let that continue is made without any clear disregard for the water quality legislation.

The judge clarified how the EPD is allowed to use its discretion in these types of cases. Discretion, however, can make people suspicious. Based on the consistent push for answers among those fighting to save the Ogeechee River, it wouldn’t be surprising if the battle for answers and change doesn’t stop here.

As there continue to be developments in this environmental matter, we will post updates. For now, the judge is not shutting down KAF and its discharge practices.

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