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October 2016 Archives

Bee keepers file suit against the EPA

Apples, cucumbers, almonds and pears are just a small representation of food on the list of edibles humans can harvest as a result of pollination. Warnings of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) and the drastic decrease in the bee population have concerned farmers who grow crops that require pollination. In order to increase the size of the area bee population, farmers have shipped in healthy bees to replace those lost to disease.

Some flame retardant chemicals raise health, environmental concerns, P.2

Previously, we began looking at the concerns raised by the use of certain flame retardants in textiles and other consumer products, exposure to which may result in long-term health problems. The federal Toxic Substances Control Act does regulate the use of flame retardants in industry, and is currently evaluating several “problem formulation” chemicals used in flame retardants, including chlorinated phosphate esters, cyclic aliphatic bromides, and tetrabromobisphenol A.

Some flame retardant chemicals raise health, environmental concerns

In a previous post, we looked at a lawsuit filed by a water company against over 30 carpet manufacturers in Alabama and Georgia for the companies’ alleged knowing release of chemicals into the Coosa and Consauga rivers, leading to economic loss for the water company due to environmental and public health issues.

Fraud allegations at issue in litigation against Exxon Mobil

Last time, we spoke briefly about some of the causes of action that can be included in environmental litigation, including trespass, nuisance, strict liability, negligence, as well as various statutory violations. Another possibility in environmental litigation is fraud. An example of environmental litigation involving allegations of fraud can be seen in a recent lawsuit filed against Exxon Mobile Corp.

Looking at some legal bases for environmental litigation

Previously, we looked briefly at the claims made in a lawsuit filed against carpet manufacturers and distributors, who are accused of polluting the Coosa and Conasauga rivers, causing elevated levels of toxins which require expensive filtration. For any business, evaluating environmental liabilities should always be part of thorough risk-mitigation efforts. This includes not only complying with state and federal statutory obligations, but also exercising reasonable care with respect to environmental resources the company has at its disposal.

Lawsuit targets carpet manufacturers, distributors in river pollution

Pollution of the Coosa and Conasauga rivers, which run through eastern Alabama and Northwestern Georiga, is reportedly the subject of a lawsuit filed by a Gadsen, Alabama water company. The lawsuit, which targets 32 carpet manufacturing companies and suppliers, alleges that the companies knowingly released chemicals into the rivers, which resulted in “substantial economic and consequential damage” for the water company.

Elba Island LNG facility expansion

This past June, energy company Kinder Morgan reported that the Elba Liquefaction Project had received approval from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. In obtaining permission, Kinder Morgan will be able to expand the function of the Elba Island facility. Located five miles downstream from Savannah, Georgia, the LNG facility will be able to import and export liquefied natural gas, shipping the gas to free trade countries.

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