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Ogeechee River plaintiffs will have day in court by end of year

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2013 | Riverkeepers |

The drama over the pollution in the Ogeechee River has gone on for almost two years now, since King America Finishing allegedly caused such pollution in the Georgia water that 38,000 fish died. According to The Savannah Morning News, the judge in the water contamination case has set a date for the beginning of the civil case involving 63 individual lawsuits.

We have discussed the water quality dispute between Ogeechee River area residents and KAF in the past. The most recent development had been tied to the fact that the textile plant has been allowed to keep running its discharge into the river. Though officials have given KAF the go-ahead to put its allegedly toxic discharge into the river, residents in the area are not letting that stop them from fighting for the well-being of their community.

Last week a judge made a decision that’s meant to speed up the anticipated conclusion of the Ogeechee River pollution cases. He consolidated the 60-plus cases into one and has ordered that the discovery process of the environmental case be completed by the end of August.

The plaintiffs (residents and landowners on the Ogeechee River) are reportedly satisfied that there is a date on the books for when they will get their chances in court to argue that KAF’s business practices has damaged the river as well as the value of their land. KAF wants more time, but the judge denied that request.

Some might see KAF’s ability to continue using the river for its chemical discharge as a sign that the plaintiffs might have a tough fight before them. That doubt isn’t stopping the residents and their legal team from continuing in the battle to hold KAF accountable for its environmental damage.

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