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Georgia residents sue factory when government fails to respond

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2014 | Water Contamination |

Certainly residents of Georgia understand that they are fortunate to have access to certain products that the millions of various kinds of factories around the globe, including here, manufacture. Home state factories are also a gift because they keep jobs in Georgia. But no amount of good should compromise the well-being of the environment and those who inhabit it.

In the past we have shared posts about civilians taking on the important charge of fighting for environmental compliance when government groups don’t do enough themselves. There is a new river contamination lawsuit in town, and this time it is filed against Rayonier Inc. and Rayonier Performance Fibers LLC.

The Jesup fiber factory is located near the Altamaha River. According to the water contamination lawsuit filed by the Altamaha Riverkeeper, the Georgia business is failing to respect the river and federal laws that demand that environmental care.

On the basis of the Clean Water Act, the plaintiffs want the fiber mill to change and improve its wastewater discharge process. They argue that the current discharge process out of the mill is severely polluting the river, even to the point of threatening the health of the wildlife.

Recent environmental law victories in Georgia such as for the Ogeechee River have likely shown residents here that they have the power to demand change in their communities. Such change protects the land, water and wildlife, but it also preserves the quality of the places where Georgians call home.

We will post an update when there is a development in this local river pollution case.

Source: The Altamaha Riverkeeper, “Rayonier Sued for Alleged Clean Water Act Violations; Altamaha Riverkeeper Says Foul Effluent Discharged into River for Decades,” March 28, 2014