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Are you in compliance with the P2 Law to combat pollution?

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The preservation of the environment remains a priority for the United States. In order to combat pollution, Congress has passed several laws over the years that are most often implemented and enforced by the Environmental Protection Agency. One such law that passed in 1990, the Pollution Prevention Act, aims to stop pollution before it starts. If you own and operate a business here in Georgia, this law may apply to your company as well.

Any business that produces waste must comply with the commonly referred to P2 Law. The goal is to involve companies in using practices that prevent pollution before it becomes an issue. This could involve changing processes, reusing materials as much as possible and putting conservation techniques into practice. Companies are also encouraged to use less toxic or nontoxic substances.

Companies must reduce and prevent pollution at its source when possible. When a company cannot prevent a type of pollution, it must take appropriate and feasible measures to dispose of or treat pollutants. Of course, disposal or other release of pollution should be avoided as much as possible and considered a last resort. If needed, disposal should be conducted in an environmentally safe manner, as is the case with any other pollution. In addition to remaining in compliance with the P2 Law, companies must also follow presidential executive orders implemented and enforced by the EPA.

Whether you are starting a business or are currently in business and find yourself at odds with the EPA, you may want to be sure that you understand your rights and responsibilities under the P2 Law, executive orders and any other environmental laws that combat pollution before moving forward. This is where a Georgia environmental law attorney may prove invaluable. Protecting the environment is everyone’s job to make the present better and protect it for future generations.

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