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Company pays the price for violating environmental law

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One of the primary functions of the governments of both Georgia and the United States is to keep residents safe from harm. This means doing more than just enacting laws; it means enforcing them as well. For instance, when it is discovered that a company violated environmental law, it is the government’s job to ensure that the appropriate parties pay the price.

For one company from a neighboring state, this means organizational probation for five years, shouldering the cost of cleanup, along with other restitution and paying a hefty fine. In addition, the company is required to come up with a plan for effective environmental compliance, implement it and enforce it, which includes dealing with employees who violate the plan. The company in question was illegally dumping hazardous waste brought into Georgia across state lines.

It was discovered that two employees with Boasso America Inc. trucked in hazardous waste from Louisiana to its disposal facility in Garden City, but instead of properly disposing and transporting it, they dumped it into the ground near a residential neighborhood. Georgia officials worked quickly to clean up the site as soon as possible and then went after the employees and company responsible for the mess. It is unknown whether any residents suffered adverse health consequences because of the illegal dumping.

Government officials often do not necessarily differentiate between potentially rogue employees and the responsibilities of the company for which they work. When violations of environmental law occur, companies may be found just as culpable. This is one reason why companies who deal with hazardous waste need clear policies and procedures regarding dealing with these potentially toxic materials. It may be possible to mitigate any damage done by employees, but it may require working with an attorney who can represent the company’s interests and help reach the best resolution to the situation possible.

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