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Land development on Georgia’s coastlines must meet certain laws

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2018 | Environmental Law |

Georgia’s coastlines remained relatively untouched for a long time. Then, land development began in these beautiful areas. People wanted, and do want, to enjoy their beauty, but that can only happen if everyone obeys the rules put into place in order to preserve the majestic vistas.

As more people move into the area and it becomes more of a tourist area, changes to the coastlines have already occurred. In order to preserve this environment, developers need to make sure that they adhere to strict environmental laws. Knowing which laws apply to a particular development is often the challenge.

The only way to know for sure would be to sit down with an environmental attorney who knows what laws apply to a particular Georgia development. Even zoning and land use issues in these areas require review in order to be sure no violations occur. As a developer in this area, you probably need to be aware of the provisions of Georgia’s Coastal Marshlands Protection Act and Shore Protection Act and the National Environmental Policy Act as well. Environmental impact statements need to be done in order to understand how a development affects these pieces of land. In many cases, beach restoration and erosion control become a priority.

When it comes to land development on the state’s coastlines, protecting the environment is part of the process. In order to understand what that means for a particular location, it may prove useful to have an attorney review all of the rules, regulations and laws that apply and help create a plan to ensure compliance with them. This could help avoid future government entanglements, which could cause significant delays in your company’s project.


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