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Apple is protecting the environment through recycling old iPhones

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Recycling is not just for Georgia residents. Large corporations, small family businesses and anyone else can get into the habit of recycling as a way of protecting the environment. In fact, many companies already participate in these types of programs, and Apple used Earth Day as an opportunity to announce its newest recycling robot, Daisy, in advance of the day itself.

Many of the components of iPhones can be reused in future products. Back in 2016, Apple unveiled Liam, which  was used to disassemble old phones so that their parts could be reused. Liam worked well enough for Apple that when Daisy was being built, she was given reusable parts from Liam as well. Daisy is designed to take apart nine different versions of Apple’s iPhones at a rate of approximately 200 per hour.

The robot extracts components of the iPhones whose quality is high and may be reused in the future. For now, only one of these next generation recycling robots exists. People who turn in the iPhones at Apple stores or through the company’s GiveBack programs can take advantage of the recycling efforts.

These days, large corporations engage in recycling efforts as a way to gain positive favor with local, state and federal governments, along with environmental groups. Many Georgia companies must adhere to laws, rules and regulations aimed at protecting the environment. Those who also make efforts at recycling could gain numerous benefits from these types of programs. In some cases, companies may receive the same cost savings and good publicity as large corporations.

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